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Citizen Brands

A new study and framework to help brand leaders achieve balanced growth in an unbalanced world.

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Find out what it takes to be a ‘Citizen Brand’ – and why it’s something every brand leader should be aiming for.

We’re living in the era of expectation inflation. Brand leaders are being asked to navigate an ever-growing list of (often contradictory) demands from consumers, employees, investors, regulators and society at large.

In this landmark study, we explore the tensions at play – and set out a new framework for brands looking to achieve balanced growth.

This isn’t another theoretical provocation or brand index without clear actions. It’s an evidence–based, actionable framework tailored to meet the needs of brand leaders to deliver brand mixes that balance growth and good.

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Top 10 Citizen Brands – 2024
Citizen Brand Top 10 brands
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This report details:
  • The material benefits of achieving brand balance – including increased revenues and higher-than-average equity prices.
  • Why current societal and economic pressures mean brand leaders are walking a reputational tightrope.
  • Which global brands are able to balance growth and good (spoiler: Google, Amazon, IKEA, Microsoft and Adidas lead the pack).
  • Six drivers of success for the top-performers – and areas of focus for brand leaders looking to drive sustainable growth.


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