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About us.

W Conran Design, established in 1998 by Denis Gancel and Gilles Deléris, serves as the French branding and design agency for the Havas Group. It is a founding member of the Conran Design Group network, which also operates in London, Mumbai, and New York. With a team of approximately one hundred employees in Paris, the agency continues to provide strategic and creative consulting services for brands.

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Driven by the belief that design is a catalyst for sustainable progress, we view brands as engines for positive contributions capable of reinvigorating the world in unique ways. Now more than ever, brands serve as catalysts for change and sources of pride for internal stakeholders, emotional connections for consumers, and drivers of growth for markets and shareholders alike. Brands prompting reflection, laughter, resonance, and dreams; occasionally, they even chart new paths.


Against a backdrop of external brand realities and wider societal pressures, we help define who you are, why you exist and what you mean to your audiences.

  • Research & insight
  • Strategic positioning
  • Brand purpose & Brand platform
  • Brand architecture
  • Values & personality
  • Messaging
  • Employer brand


We ground creative decisions in strategic thinking when bringing your brand to life, and we’re committed to exploring the principles of conscious design throughout the experience.

  • Naming
  • Visual identity
  • Brand territory
  • Verbal identity
  • Sound identity
  • Motion & 3D identity
  • UX/UI
  • Packaging


From retail environments to workspaces and sports venues, we design experiences that bring you closer to your audiences, creating moments of real-life and digital connection throughout.

  • Customer journey
  • Architectural design (retail, hospitality, tertiary)
  • Environmental design, signage
  • Project management & deployment
  • Experience markers
  • Brand Design Experience (BDX)
  • Digital ecosystem & content
  • Launch & activation


Whether you’re speaking to investors, employees or specialist audiences, we bring your brand’s communications in line with your overarching strategic ambition.

  • Advertising
  • Corporate communication
  • B2B communication
  • Social media & content
  • Activation
  • Employer branding
  • Institutional publishing, annual report & CSR report
  • Financial communication





Based in London, Mumbai, New York, and Paris, we’re 250 people committed to design that inspires progress. Learn more about our job opportunities.

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WConranDesign - About us
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